A Sydenham Veterianarian Clinic has performed eyesight-saving surgery on a tiny Shih Tzu puppy.  After reading about the plight of Daisy, an 8 week old puppy that was turned into the Kingston Humane Society last month because its owner could not afford the operation, staff at Sydenham Vet Services stepped up and offered to do the procedure at cost. 

Veterinarian Jack Chubaty performed the delicate, two stage operation, which involved using lasers to correct a condition in which a dog's eyelashes grow back into one of its eyes.  The condition caused corneal ulcers that left the puppy in constant pain and threatened to blind the animal in one eye.  Darcy Reade of the clinic said the condition is neither common nor a breed specific disorder, but one that is seen in a small number of puppies and has to be corrected by surgery. 

Reade became interested after reading stories in the Whig Standard in January in which a fundraising drive had been launched to pay for the puppy to be sent to Ottawa to undergo the operation, which was estimated to cost about $3,600.00.  "I saw the stories and called the humane society and suggested perhaps the puppy come to us instead," he said.  The clinic subsequently performed the operation for a few hundred dollars. 

Judy O'Brien, the Executive Director of the society, said the rest of the money will be put into the Skip and Barney Fund, a reserve that provides specialized surgeries and medical care for animals that turn up at the shelter.  The plight of the little, brown and white pup tugged at the heart strings of Kingstonians and more than $4,600 was raised for the surgery after the Humane Society issued a urgent plea for donations in January. 

As for Daisy, she is recovering well after her surgery and is in the care of the woman who was fostering the puppy prior to its surgery and who has also expressed an interest in making Daisy a permanent part of her family.  "The dog has been adopted by the person who is fostering it," said O'Brien, saying it seemed like the proper thing to do.  Written by Ian Elliot - Whig Standard Staff Writer.

The Skip and Barney Fund has assisted Valentine, a 7-year-old Tricolor Beagle with a serious upper respiratory infection and Edgar, a male cat that was found outside, nearly dead, suffering from frost bite. Both Valentine and Edgar are receiving much needed extensive medical care - thanks to those who donated to Daisy's plight!  Daisy, Valentine and Edgar appreciate your care and assistance.

Judy O'Brien, Executive Director, Kingston Humane Society