Guys...guys...hey guys?

Oh hi guys, Lyla here. Sorry I haven't filled you in on whats hip and happening with me yet. My new family has been keeping me pretty busy, from long walks on the beach (I've learned that water and ice really isn't scary), to learning new tricks and playing with other pups.

I can't believe it's only been 3 months - I'm in my comfort zone now and have no problem letting other people and pets know this is my home! I've been such a good pup the past few months and have adjusted really well - my family always tells me how well behaved and gentle I am, although I do still have to work on keeping my tail under control, but I just get so excited, sometimes I forget how powerful it can be. I've also gotten much better manners when we go for a walk and understand that squirrels and cats don't like to play very much.

I love taking naps all over the house, especially in front of the fire with a good bone, after a long run. I also love pillows - I believe a dog can never have too many. I have a lot of dreams about all the fun stuff I do - my owners say I'm pretty funny when I sleep but I don't know what there talking about. Oh, and I looooove cuddling!

I've also gotten really good at destroying toys. Seriously guys, I think I have the best high score for devouring food and shredding stuff apart (not human stuff though - that stuff is gross). I've gained weight and have a nice shinny coat and no more cuts or scabs anywhere. My tail took a while to heal but it's in good shape now - see above for more info.

I'm pretty sure I brought a lot of love and fun to my forever home and I know that's what my family has given to me. Thanks SO much KHS for giving a lil boxer like me a chance to find my soul mates!

Love, Lyla

PS - I'll come visit soon.

PPS - Hope you like my pics - I'm not too keen on having to stay still in front of a camera.