This happy tail is long over due as I brought my sweet baby girl home from the KHS, July 12th 2010!! I was going through a rough time in my own life and making many wrong choices, never being home and missing work. I've always been a huge animal lover and advocate so I began looking on the KHS website and was absolutely captivated by one photo of these beautiful blue and brown eyes! The KGH had found her as a stray and named her Fergie. I looked at her picture daily and It wasn't until a month later that I was finally able to go in, meet her and hopefully bring her home.

July 12th I went shopping for a collar, leash and toys and then went in to finally meet my girl! It was heartbreaking first sight. While every dog was jumping at their cages, barking and crying, she just lay still in the back of her cage. It took a few minutes to coax her over, she licked my hand and went back to lay down. I went back to the desk and said I want to bring Fergie home! The lady said she was found as a stray and was not housebroken and suggested taking her out to the dog run first, so I went back to her cage and showed her the leash I had bought for her, she perked up a little and I took her outside. She pee'd as soon as we got to the grass, then pooped - things were looking up - she also know how to sit, lay down, and shake both paws. After some play time she had to go back to her cage so I could fill out her paperwork. The lady again asked me "Are you sure you want her? She's not housebroken. There are lots of other dogs, are you sure?". I replied "I've never been more sure about something!", her paperwork was finalized and the bill paid, she was mine!! I went back to her cage and the most amazing moment was when I showed her, her collar and leash I had brought and removed the collar she was wearing. She immediately changed into a different dog! She was excited and happy and jumping all over the place and kissing my face!

Fergie was terrified of the car at first but that soon changed as she now absolutely loves car rides and just being anywhere we are. I hung her leash on the back of the front door and after an hour of being home she went and headbutted her leash and sat down at the door, I took that as a sign she needed out and she's been doing that ever since! From day one Fergie was fully housebroken and knew all of the basic commands!! She obviously had a home before being found as a stray. Over the first week we discovered she had been abused, she had a terrible fear of work boots, disliked her hips being touched and had a large indent on the top of her nose. She can appear very mean and aggressive at times but is a complete sweetheart, she's just so determined to not be afraid anymore.

When I got Ferg she was an estimated 9-12month old Beagle/Siberian Husky that weighed only 45lbs. She's now a very happy and healthy 2 1/2 year old that weighs 68lbs! She saved my life and I saved hers. I could not imagine life without her as she is the most loving and affectionate dog once she's comfortable with a person and remembers everyone she's met and greets them with cries of excitement and kisses.

Here are some pictures of Fergie past and present!

"Love at first belly rub" - At the KHS in the dog run before bringing her home!

The gorgeous eyes that made me fall in love!

She has a personality like no other! Likes wearing hats and gives "Props".

Her favorite place to be, in the window watching everything.

Spoiled puppy can't sleep without pillows.

Halloween 2011

Passed out after playing hard <3