In 1999 Alpha and Charlie, two domestic shorthair cats (and litter mates) joined our family when we adopted them from the KHS. Within a year, we adopted Beta, (a Staffie/Lab mix) from KHS as well.

Since then, our merry little band has seen quite a bit of the world. We moved from Kingston to Moscow, Russia and lived there for a year and a half. Then all three moved with us again to Tokyo, Japan. Luckily they were able to serve their Japanese quarantine time in our residence and didn't have to stay in a kennel at the airport.

While the cats have always remained indoor cats, Beta has had the chance to tour some and catch some sights, from Red Square in Moscow to playing in the ocean on the southern coast of Japan.

From Japan we all moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba, where they gained another friend, Bailey (a Black Lab) from the Winnipeg Humane Society. After four and a half years on the prairies we've moved again and everyone has settled in nicely in our new home in rural Newfoundland.

Here are pictures of all three.

Howard and Julie