Our new kittens have just arrived (thanks to the Kingston Humane Society)! The two sisters are almost identical; Whitney is a bit darker with yellow eyes, and Orenda has a touch of orange and beige in her fur, and has darker eyes. They are twelve weeks old and are full of energy and curiosity.

Although their given names suited them very well, we have chosen new names for Bonnie and Buttercup: Whitney and Orenda. Both my husband and I are retired from the air force and our son is crazy about airplanes, so the kitties have been named after aircraft engines. It is worth noting that they both make just about as much noise as a couple of turboprop engines when they purr.

The foster family that looked after these rescued strays did a wonderful job and the kittens are adapting well to their new home. They are fearless, curious, energetic purring machines. Last night, after stampeding through the house, Orenda fell asleep on Mike’s lap, stretched out on her back and purring loudly, while Whitney explored the wonders of water droplets in the bathroom sink…





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