I first caught a glimpse of Cricket in Ward A three years ago. His shelter name was Max.

Cricket on the day of adoption

Our old beagle Mr. Pickles, who we had adopted from KHS 2 years and 7 months previously had crossed the Rainbow Bridge. We really missed our hound and I was not looking for a replacement to fill my void but a chance to give yet another canine a chance for happiness and to be part of our little family.

Cricket is a Foxhound and as he was bounding up and down inside his run, I couldn't believe how much sprong he had in his legs! It was as if he was wanting to get our attention by saying, Take me, Take me either that or he just had to have a good pee. Anyhow, I freed my imagination, that it was in fact us that was attributing to his great enthusiasm.

We decided to take him for a walk and that?^?^?s what sealed our fate and his.

Cricket hunting squirrels He had obviously been used as a hunting dog, lived outside because he was not house-trained and had as I suspected a huge prey drive. BUT, he had manners and in typical hound fashion was incredibly kind and anxious to please. His brain however, was on the end of his nose.

We brought Cricket home, upon entering the house the first thing he did was introduce himself to our two rescue cats Lily, and Pea. He decided that running across our newly bought coffee table would be sport enough! The etchings he left behind are a reminder of that special day!

A short time later we adopted another little cat by the name of Abby. Cricket immediately bonded to her and to this day they curl up beside each other in front of the fire. Abby takes great delight in rubbing Cricket's chin, with her long tail, much like a boa. She will grab his jowls, especially if he doesn't display enough affection as she deems appropriate.

Cricket and Dave Cricket, is entering into his teen years and although his eye sight is slowly fading, it'sĀ  not a worry to us because we will be his eyes and of course he has that nose to guide him! He has turned out to be a wonderful companion/friend, so loyal and loving. He goes wherever we go. He loves car rides and of course long walks through the woods. He enjoys nothing more than a good sing along with the pack. But he is as quiet as a mouse in our backyard, he never disturbs our neighbors. They comment on how they never hear him.

He brings us such joy and we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all of those who work for the Kingston Humane Society for all of their tireless efforts in speaking for and helping those that cannot speak for themselves and for providingĀ  us a great love by the name of Cricket.


Gail, Coady and David
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