Hi, my name is Nancy,  I wanted to update you on the friends I have from the Kingston Humane Society. There is Tucker, Buster and Jack.


Tucker was first to be brought home...he and his brother were dumped in a carrier with a note that said his family were moving...by the time we met him and decided we wanted to take both of them, his brother had already been adopted, so we got Tucker on his own.  Tucker was 2 1/2 in 06 when we got him, a brown tabby with white and the biggest eyes...he is so pretty. He is a sweet tempered, affectionate food hound who gives me great pleasure with his company and his beauty. Tuckers spot is the sofa. Or wherever there is food or a treat to be had.


 Buster was the second to be adopted of the three. We were not looking for another cat, but when I went to see him in one of the Humane Society cages at Pet Valu in the Gardiners Town Centre I fell in loveadopted him. He is a great cat, big, friendly, affectionate, cuddly and in the first week he dealt with all his mats by sitting on our landing late at night grooming and spitting...every morning there would be a little pile of fur...strange, because now he has been with us, we can groom him everywhere and he loves it. Buster(we did change his name) is actually a 'Daddy' cat...he adopted our kitten Mouse when we brought him home from our daughters stable and they became inseparable. Buster has been healthy and happy for 3 years now.


Jack is our most recent adoption from the KHS...Jack has been with us just over a year and is a pure white boy with sea green eyes. He is part siamese and a wuss...but that is part of his charm. He likes high places, the fridge, tops of dressers, and he has adopted my sewing basket as his favourite nap spot. He cuddles with me every night as I fall asleep and by the way, he adores kittens...every foster family gets loved and played with by Jack.


The cats we have adopted over the years from the KHS have all been wonderful companions, Baxter (adopted in 1994), Sundae, Ziggy and Flint (all adopted in 1997) have all left us with wonderful memories...Tucker, Buster and Jack are creating more as I write. I truly believe shelter cats, especially older shelter cats, make the most wonderful friends of all. Thank you to the KHS and the other shelters who have provide me with my friends for over 40 years.