Georgia has a new name (she wasn't answering to Georgia anyway), 
officially it's Andromeda but we call her Andie for short.  That is a 
nice homey sort of name.  I am attaching some early pictures to let 
you see how she is getting along.

 She has met my young grandnieces and is just great with them.  She 
also barked on two occasions at my parents house when 
someone was at the door. Not loud or anything, just a light "there's 
somebody at the door, WOOF".  I guess she is settling in and feeling 
at home now.  She has yet to bark at my place, however.  Andie is a 
swell dog and I am so happy to have her.  Oh, and she loves to take a 
good wade, both in the big pond at my place and in the Bay out back of 
my parents.

 Thanks again for your assistance.