On June 18, 2010 my daughter and I adopted YoYo (now called Mocha) to our home in Sharbot Lake. 

She is an energetic 6 yr. Old Siberian Husky and is adapting to her new home very well.   

We live in the woods on a 20 acre property and until today we only let her off leash in the fenced field to run and play, but today we let her have full run of the yard and she stayed very close and played like a puppy. 

She seems very happy and has bonded with us right away.  We are pleased that she is so content and a very well-behaved girl.  Attached are some pictures.  We are still keeping a close eye on her where our kitten is concerned since she has a strong hunter instinct and hope that with some patience she will be able to be friends with the cat by the time he is grown. 

We feel lucky to have found this very special pet at the Humane Society and encourage anyone looking for a special addition to their family to visit your facility.

Thank you,

Laurel Amey