Late June Udpate and MORE pix of a growing Clover:

Just wanted to send some more pictures of our beloved Clover!!!  You will see from the photos that she has grown quite a bit, but she is just as sweet as the day we picked her up!!!  She is now in full control of our house, and we absolutely love it!  She has a crate downstairs where she sleeps at night, but during the day, she has a bed up in our living room for naps, and she also loves to lay about on the kitchen floor!

Anyway, please share these with the rest of the great people at the Kingston Humane Society for us!


Neil (Clover's dad)



You might remember me as Daisy Mae. I was adopted by a loving family just last week, and I wanted to share some news and photos with all my friends at the Kingston Humane Society who helped make my stay there very enjoyable!

My new family has changed my name!  I guess they did some research on dog names, and found this one ? my new name -- "Clover."

Meaning "a super adopted pet's name - she will consider herself to have great luck!"  Well, from the way my new family is acting, it seems as though we both lucked out on this deal!!!

As it has only been about 5 days with my new family, they only have about 200 photos so far, so here are some of the good ones!

I promise to send more in the following weeks, as I know my family is always taking lots of pictures!!!

Bye for now,

Clover (aka 'Chloe')