Just wanted to let you all know that Daisy has fit into our home really well.  We did change Daisy's name to Zoe (which we think sounds more Australian) and she is responding to it.  We have 3 cats and she's herding them with great efficiency.  She has made friends with the two pugs next door and she's getting everyone in the family involved in seeing that she has enough exercise.  My son rides a unicycle and every night he takes Zoe with him and the two of them zoom around the neighbourhood for at least an hour.
My sister calls her the family dog and she is invited to her home as often as I can bring her.  Zoe is a delight in every way.  She came trained in everything but the leash, and she is making great strides in that area.  She is very bright and intelligent and she has made it clear to everyone that she loves her new home.  We do, of course, keep lots of items to chew close at hand!
I am so glad I dropped in to the Kingston Humane Society when I did and found such an awesome new friend.  I've attached a picture so you can see how happy we are.
Zoe's new pal and owner, Karren.  (Trenton).