My son and I had been volunteering at the KHS for a few months and we were both really enjoying the kitty cuddling. 

We have 2 big boys at home so we were never looking for an addition to our family, but then I met Mina.  She was a tad scrawny, but very pretty and sweet!  I got her out of her cage for a cuddle and she just laid in my arms and gazed up at me.  We finished our cuddling and left, but I couldn`t forget about little Mina. 

I hemmed and hawed about adopting her, wondering if I really needed three cats!  I was drawn back to the KHS though and after seeing her again I decided - I said yes to the kitty!  My son was unsure about it too, but he had to admit she was cute.  We took her home that day and she settled in right away.  She must have had a home before. 

We renamed her Nikita as she had a saucy air to her and I thought she should have a saucy name.  I had thought that she was an older kitten - maybe 6-7 months old, but after taking her to the vet`s I found out she was actually full grown!  Still young though - maybe just over a year - and unspayed. 

So, I got her spayed and as soon as I could as I didn`t want to take any chances with a unwanted pregnancy.  She handled everything in stride. 

In the past few months she has really filled out and looks like twice the size she was when we first got her.  She is really a beautiful cat with a lovely disposition.  She still lies in my lap and stares up at me as she purrs.  Though there have been some growing pains with her and one of my boys, I have no regrets about adopting her.  She has been a great addition to our family!
Best regards,
Kim D.