June 9th - Solo is now Buddi and much loved in his new forever home!




From new mom, Deb:


First, let me start with Buddi...AKA 'Solo'...what can I say, he is an absolute treasure. He has adjusted very nicely to his new 'blended' family and is a very happy puppy! He took to Benny "C" (cat, 8yrs) straight away

and Benny accepted his role as big brother - but perhaps not quite as eagerly! LOL Buddi and Benny love to play...chase the kitty....or chase the bunny...or chase anything that moves!!!! LOL What a hoot it is to be in this house at playtime.......here are some pics of  the boys. Enjoy!  There is also a pic of Buddi sleeping on his bed, and his 'Sister' Al Jolson (cat 8yrs) sleeping in her castle....that's as close as they get! We have changed Solo's name to Buddi - he seems to come to that. He is fitting in very well. Reggie [the bunny, KHS alumnus] is amazing and is loving life. He wasn't too sure about Buddi for the first couple of days, but now they play and chill together! I was trying to get a video of them to send....it's so funny to see them! Buddi loves Benny 'C' my big black and white male cat..they play everyday! The Guinea pigs, Minnie and Peanut [also KHS alumni] have grown so much and the vet says that , Reggie and the 'girls' are very happy and healthy! I promise to send pics...you will LOVE them! Thanks for everything!

May 22nd - Home at last!

Today Solo went to his new forever home. There is healing yet needed, both inside and out, but this little guy need never wonder any more whether there's someone looking out for him. Thank you to everyone who made Solo's tale a happy one ... to everyone who donated, near or far, you formed a community unified by a love and devotion to the well-being of our furry friends and accomplished an amazing feat - THANK YOU!; ... to Solo's foster mom, Jessica - although he was with you just a short while, it was your love and dedication and tenderness that helped him recover so well and so quickly - we know you will miss him but thank you for being the bridge of love between his ordeal and his new life; ... to all who applied to adopt this little pup and the family that did adopt him - your hearts are so big, thank you for finding room in them for Solo.

May 17th - No more stitches!

On Monday Solo visited the vet to have his stitches removed. He also had the bandages on his paws taken off. Everything looks good although his little feet are still a bit tender. Each day Solo rediscovers a little more of his puppy playfulness and ease in the world.

"Solo wanted to play ball today. He's been calm so I was caught off guard, but he brought me the ball and the moment I threw it he ran after it. It's nice to see his playful side come out." - Solo's foster mom (5/15) 

May 16th - Solo enjoys an outing!



















May 13th ... a note from Solo's foster mom:

Dear Kingston:

Solo is doing wonderfully. By the first night his shakes were all gone, which was nice to see. He is such a good dog, especially considering everything he has been through, he is so calm and friendly and is really good about taking his medications.
Solo seems to be feeling right at home. He enjoys following me everywhere I go, and seems to love the attention he gets on the street from people who recognize him.

By end of day Thursday, donations for Solo's cause reached $6970. Thank you to everyone who has pitched in, so generously, to show this dog, and many more animals, that they are NOT alone in this community!

Just 10-months-old, this little pup is now helping other animals in need! Solo's fund approaches $6,000.
KINGSTON - At 4 PM yesterday, Tuesday, May 11, the donations to the Kingston Humane Society for the injured young shih tzu, Solo, totalled $2,705.
At 2:30 PM today, that total had risen to $5,975 including a $2,000 donation made online by a donor in Edmonton who read about Solo's need.
With the community's incredible outpouring of generosity, inspired by a young pup in need, the KHS is looking at several other animals to assist. A sweet-tempered Springer Spaniel named Kyra will receive veterinary assessment and treatment of a skin infection and two black cats, a senior fellow named Gumsy and an affectionate young mother named Ellie May, will receive much needed dental care. Following treatment and recovery, Kyra and Ellie will be able to enter the adoption program. Gumsy is currently available for adoption but this treatment will greatly improve his overall health and quality of life and greatly increase the chance of adoption for this senior black feline.
Depending on the total costs of Solo's recovery and the costs of the various treatments for Kyra, Ellie May and Gumsy, Solo's cause may immediately benefit even more animals. All donated funds exceeding these animal's needs will go to the Skip & Barney fund, which exists to provide medical care for ill, injured and abused animals coming into the shelter's care.
As a community-based charity, the KHS is dependent upon its community to enable it to keep its doors open and continue its work on behalf of homeless animals.

WOW ... The community has reached out and made a huge difference for Solo and possibly several other animals. In just four short days, Kingston has donated more than $2,700 to help this wee pup, with more than $2,000 of that coming in just today, Tuesday. If you came by the shelter you may have noticed our "Knock for Solo" signs ... it's our usual 'closed to the public day' so we thank all of you who came out to donate for putting up with the extra steps needed. :o)

Any funds exceeding Solo's needs will go to the Skip & Barney fund at the KHS, supporting ill, injured and abused animals that come into the care of the society requiring medical attention. When animals like Solo come to the KHS, the costs can be very high and the needs immediate. The Skip & Barney fund is essential to our ability to be there for pups like Solo in times of crisis. We are indebted to this caring community for making it possible for us to help these animals.

Please check back for updates on Solo and other animals that will benefit from the Kingston area's generosity. You have made such a big difference.


Late Monday afternoon, Solo headed to his new foster home. By the end of Monday, a further $150 had been donated toward Solo's cause.




As of Monday morning, little Solo was recovering well from his surgery last week and in good spirits. $400 in donations so far have been given by the community to help with Solo's surgery and recovery.  Charlie, a seven-month-old cockapoo, was SO worried about Solo, he started the giving, with a $50 donation Friday night.


Injured and alone but you can help him!

A sweet young shih tzu, just 10 months old, Solo's already known more fear and pain than any pup ever should.

After being attacked by another dog, little Solo was surrendered to the Kingston Humane Society when his owner realized he could not help the pup, who was desperately suffering and required swift and considerable medical attention.

As a result of the attack, Solo's left eye was critically injured. Beyond saving, the eye needed to be removed, after which, with time, healing and abundant love, Solo will fully recover.

With the generous assistance of the Kingston Mills Veterinary Hospital, the KHS was able to arrange for Solo to immediately undergo the surgery he urgently required, but we still need to raise funds to cover the cost of the surgery and support the aftercare that Solo will need.

Solo is currently in veterinary care and will be moving to his foster home for recovery in a few days.

Please help us make Solo's world better from today forward.

Your donation to help us reach our goal of $1,000 to cover the emergency eye surgery, neutering and aftercare is much needed and will help us remind Solo that there is love in the world and let him get on with  living the puppy life he so deserves.

Please donate by calling the shelter, emailing donations@kingstonhumanesociety.ca or online!

Funds received in excess of Solo's needs will be used to replenish the KHS' Skip & Barney Fund which exists to allow the shelter to help animals in need, like Solo, receive timely and essential veterinary care.