[Note: both of Paige's new parents wrote in on the same evening with their own versions of Paige's Happy Tail ... ]

Paige update no. 1 -- To Whom It May Concern,
My name is Taryn Webb, and I am the proud new mommy of Paige, the adorable 9 year old tortoise shell kitty that was at the humane society from Feb. 27 until March 30, 2010. 

After $1500 in dental surgery, performed before I took her home from the shelter, spaying, and up to date vaccinations, Paige is adjusting beautifully to our home and our other kitty, Millie.  She is inquisitive, loves to rub her face against her humans', climb on their backs and shoulders, and bury her face in their chests when she's ready to bed down for the night. 

We decided to take Paige home because we wanted to adopt an older cat, and could not bear to leave this senior kitty in the shelter for one more night. 
I have included some photos of Paige in her new home.  Thought you might like to hear a success story from the adoption of a senior kitty.
Best Regards,
Taryn Webb

Paige update no. 2 -- Me and my Fiance adopted 'Paige' - a mature 9-year old cat - 2 weeks ago.  We had  recently been doing the 'Kitty Cuddling' on Sundays, and although we were not looking for a cat, Paige won us over. It was at first sympathy for her, thinking that many people pass over older cats, then it was her incredible affection and need for love and attention that spoke to us. 

She cried off and on through the evening on the first night that we brought her home - we understand that it must have been stressful and very disorienting to her - but she has been the most loving, well-adjusted cat since that night! And no more crying! She is healthy, playful and can not seem to get/give enough attention ;) !!!

To anyone thinking about adopting a cat, please consider the older ones too... Many have stories that may be sad, and this can be your chance to give a wonderful cat (or dog, or iguana, or bird, etc...) a few more good years on this planet.  Remember, there's reasons why older animals show up in the shelters.  Sometimes older folks need to go into Care Facilities, and can't take the cat with them, or people can't afford to care for a cat or a dog anymore, amongst many other reasons... In Paige's case, she lost her 'co-companion' (another cat) that she lived with for most of her life, in January, and her 'people' had to surrender her to the Humane Society because they couldn't keep her any longer.  Very sad after being in a place that you think is your 'forever home' and losing both it, and your life-long kitty friend all in a few weeks. 

Thank you to everyone at the Kingston Humane Society for the care and love they give to all their animal friends, we wouldn't have a new best friend without you :)
Lots of love & appreciation,
M & T :) !!!