A little over fourteen years ago, our family made bi-weekly visits to the Humane Society in search of our missing cat.

We didn't find him, however we found Sammy. He was a four month old kitten with an abundance of charm and energy.

Although we weren't looking for a new kitten at the time, he chose us, reaching out and demanding our attention.

We brought him home and he became the head of the house in no time. 

We nicknamed him Mufasa, as he reminded us of the Lion King and everything about him was regal.

Sammy was almost 15 years old when he passed away two weeks ago.

Over the years he was with us, we brought additional furry family members into our home and with each addition he would give us a look as if to say "not again", but with each arrival it elevated his 'King' status.  He truly was the king and all of our other animals knew it.

At the time of his passing, he was the ruler of four humans, our other cat Peter, and our 3 dogs, Zeus, Juno and Pluto.

Even in the past year, with his health failing, he would let every one know that he was the boss.

When the dogs would get a little rambunctious and too energetic for his liking, he would slowly walk over to them, give them a smack and they would stop.

I am so thankful to have had him in my life and will miss him terribly.

Our children grew up with him and he will never be forgotten.

I want everyone to know that animals from the humane society give far more than they take.

He gave us so much joy and he let us live in his house!

Thank you for rescuing Sammy and letting us have him.


Joanne Oomen

(April 16, 2010)