Hi everybody, :)

When I was at KHS my name was known as Mae but, now I go as Maya. I didn't know if you knew this but "Maya" is hebrew for "water" and I just LOVE water !!! My new family takes really good care of me and I love them very much. My mom and sister take me for nice long walks at least TWO times a day, maybe even more if I'm lucky :D .! They also feed me and give me the love that I need.

The kids play with me a lot! I have a ton of stuff animals and I've even made some new dog friends. Right now I am being crate trained and I don't like being alone that much so, when my family comes home I do a little jig for them !! It's really funny.

Of course I miss all the staff at KHS that took good care of me and said I was just a doll. I visit them once in a while and say hi to all the other dogs still at the humane society. I know they'll all find great homes just like I did. :)