It has been one year, three months and fifteen days, since my vehicle turned off the 401 and found its way to the Kingston Humane Society.

I had seen the profile of a dog that would suit this family just fine.  Not sure if I even got to have a good look at Sadie the Bassett as Cooper just seemed to absorb my very being.  There is not a day that this little abandoned dog does not bring a smile to our faces or a roll of the eyes with his antics.  A companion to Izzy and a cuddler like no other.  Amazing how one little creature can bring so much joy. 

Thanks to all at the KHS for being there so Cooper had a "layover" until our paths crossed.  To anyone who may think a rescue dog brings nothing but trouble.....come spend some time with Cooper, you will take home more than one!

April 15, 2010