Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to send an update about the kitties formerly known as Jethro and Moose.  They are now Midnight and Panda and have settled in wonderfully in their new home.  They are growing, and playing and have become members of our family.  We have two older cats as well (they will be 17 in June) and it has brought them new energy as well.  The kittens groom each other, and sometimes Largie and Floyd, too!  They are very cute!

A special thanks to the kind lady that fostered them, as our vet commented on how well cared for they were, and how well socialized.  She said you could tell that they had been handled very nicely.
My girls love to play with them after school, and the kittens love it too!  
Here are some pictures of the kitties together and with their older brothers,
Chelsea Reynolds