Hi everyone,

Just want to thank you all for looking after me during my stay at KHS, especially letting me hang out with you behind the desk. I'm very happy in my new home although it is a bit like doggy boot camp. I have to get up at 6:30am, have breakfast, then off outside to check on the horses. My job is to guard the gate. Once Belle and Eli are looked after we head out back and check the property - there's lots of good smells out there. On the way back  Laddie (formerly Troy and adopted from KHS in 2000) and I get to play ball.  We have races to see who can get to it first - so far it is pretty equal but just wait until I lose a bit more weight.

Then we head back to the house and check on the cats. I live with Cleo (adopted from KHS, 1998), Noelle (adopted from KHS 1999) and Tux (he's only 1 year old and my best cat friend - that's Tux on the chair with me). During the day I get to relax but before supper we usually head back out to the fields for more sniffing and running. Then I'm on gate duty again - those horses sure do eat a lot of food, and you should see the manure pile!  By bedtime I'm pretty tired, but I am one happy dog and my tail doesn't stop wagging. I've meet lots of new people and they all say I'm sweet and well behaved. I'm doing my best. Thanks again to everyone at KHS and I'll be back for a visit soon.