I took a couple pics the other day when a friend came over with their Sheperd/Husky. Well Leo went in to hiding and this is the pic when we found him. Hope you like and Merry Christmas.


We adopted Leonardo  two summers ago and I would like to update to the Happy Tails:)  Leonardo is a real blessing and brings a lot of laughter in the house.  Here are a few pics:)

Mike Bergeron


I adopted 'Jonathan' from the Humane Society about a year  ago after my 19 year old cat Camden passed on.  I knew that I needed a cat in my life because I always had a cat in my life.

I was on a mission to adopt a kitten after Camden's passing one day.  I visited the Humane Society and held a lot of kittens and some older cats.  I left there thinking that maybe today isn't the day I adopt.  I took one last stop on the way home, at Global Pet Foods beside Randall Paints on Princess Steet.  I walked in there knowing they were a KHS satellite centre and I saw some kittens in a cage by the entrance.  I was starting to read the papers on top of the cage about the kittens and Jonathan kept poking the paper work at me with his paw, as if to say hello.  I took him out of his cage and held him for a bit.  He was so cute and curious.  He got down on the floor by an old big Lab dog and they were so comfortable with each other.

I adopted Jonathan and changed his name to Leo.  Short for Leoardo... he has a thing about fetching small paint brushes...? So cute!

I've attached a few pics of Leo and his friend Zoe.  Leo is such a Joy.  We love him.

Christine Bergeron